Duct Cleaning

In today’s air-tight homes, Indoor Air quality is a growing concern.  Most household dust contains dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen and animal dander.  Many of these contaminants are circulated through central air systems in most homes and can aggravate symptoms for health issues such as asthma and allergies.

We can help!Rotobrush_aiR_XP_1024x1024-300x300

Our professionals have combined their proven techniques with the video-assisted ROTOBRUSH® air duct cleaning system.  This advanced cleaning method is the only one available that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals.

You will have the assurance of fresh, clean, and virtually contaminant-free air in your home or office.

Whole House Oxidation

Whole house oxidation is recommended every 10 years.  Please see our FAQ below.  Contact us if you have additional questions about whole house oxidation.

Q:  Just what do you mean by oxidation?

A:  Oxidation means a substance undergoes a chemical change resulting in a different substance. Rust and fire are examples of oxidation.


Q:  Is it okay to breathe ozone?

A:  We all breathe some ozone that is produced naturally.  However, we should limit our exposure to less than a continuous count of .04 ppm.


Q:  What are the first symptoms of excessive ozone exposure?

A:  Some physical symptoms of excessive ozone exposure may be burning, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, particularly during heavy exertion, and ozone may cause irritation to nasal passages.


Q:  Can I leave my pets in my home (i.e. cats, dogs, birds) when using Turbozone?

A:  No. Since average household pets are substantially smaller than people, naturally their tolerance level for ozone toxicity will be much lower.